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The Canadian Associated Schools of Karate were originally founded by Sensei Greg Reid in Victoria, British Columbia in 1982. Since then, CASK has expanded throughout Canada and the Caribbean. 


The style of Karate taught is Wado, which is one of the four largest styles of karate in the world.  CASK Karate Halifax is a member of both the Wado Karate Association of Canada and Karate Nova Scotia (Sport Nova Scotia). 


The word “Wado” means “school/way to peace”.  The style Wado was created by Hironori Otsuka (1892-1982) in 1934 in Japan.  Master Otsuka formed Wado from traditional shurite-type karate from Okinawa, concentrating on the use of light and quick movements in conjunction with hip and body shifting.  Master Otsuka also incorporated his earlier jujitsu training into Wado karate-do.


In North America, the late Master Masaru Shintani was the supreme head for all Wado; The CASK Headquarters in Victoria, BC, were under his direct guidance.  Master Shintani held a ninth degree black belt, and was Master Otsuka’s senior student. Master Greg Reid, 8th Dan, is Master Shintani’s successor and is the technical director for Wado Canada. 


Master Masaru Shintani, 9th Dan

Shihan Greg Reid, 8th Dan

About Our Instructor

Born in Nova Scotia, Sensei Garrett (Yondan) began studying Karate in 1997 under Shihan Greg Reid (8th Dan) in Victoria, BC.

While attending highschool in BC, he became a certified Karate referee through Karate British Columbia. He travelled extensively throughout the province of BC, refereeing at various levels of competition. He also had the opportunity to be one of the few young referees invited to attend the 2006 BC Winter Games in Trail, BC.

In 2015, he became certified as a national-level official through Karate Canada.

He received an award for 'outstanding community service and leadership' from the United Way.

As a teacher, he began teaching at an early age as a volunteer instructor with the Youth Program at the C.A.S.K./Wado Canada Headquarters.

He trained directly under Shihan Reid's guidance at his school in the Cayman Islands for nearly two years where he studied Wado karate and taught classes. 

He serves on the board of directors for the Wado Karate Association of Canada, and the excecutive board of directors for Karate Nova Scotia.

Sensei Garrett is passionate about helping youth develop mentally, physically, and spiritually; empowering them to become strong community leaders. He believes Karate training is an excellent avenue to accomplish this.

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