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Youth Program (6+ years)

Our traditional children's class is available for absolute beginners to martial arts or for youths with previous training; everyone is welcome!


Children six years old and above may register at any time. All classes are held in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


In the youth program, children are taught what karate is all about, while learning in a safe and fun atmosphere. We teach Karate as an art first, rather than a competitive sport. During class, we emphasize Leadership, Discipline, Focus, Respect, Confidence and Concentration; all important skills for children to be successful in their studies and life.


The program teaches our students how to stretch properly, the basics of calisthenics, and general knowledge of basic kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, stances, and forms.  Of course, no traditional Karate program would be complete without instruction in the Japanese etiquette and terminology.


The self-defense taught in this class is non-contact and minimal due to the skill level. “Break away” style of defense and Bully-Proofing are emphasized.



halifax nova scotia kids karate classes
Leadership Karate Youth Classes Halifax Nova Scotia
Youth Karate Classes Halifax Nova Scotia
Youth Karate Classes Halifax Nova Scotia
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