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Adult Program

Our growing Adult Program enables students to develop their mind, body and spirit through the medium of traditional Wado karate-do.


Complete beginners and individuals with previous training are welcome to attend. Our philosophy is one of inclusion, rather than exclusion.


Students 16 years and up are welcome to start at any time; all classes are held in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Students will be taught both the general concepts and the finer details of Wado Karate in accordance with the curriculum of the Wado Karate Association of Canada. Students will progress through the belt ranking system as they work toward attaining their black belt and beyond.


Karate training is a life-long journey; be patient and enjoy the 'scenery' along the way!


A typical class:


Karate classes are challenging and provide workouts for mind, body, and spirit. Classes typically begin with a meditation (visualization) period which prepares the student for the rigorous calisthenics and combative mindset. The calisthenics are designed to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, and coordination.


Following the calisthenics the following activities are performed:


Junbi Undo – classes typically begin with a warm-up to improve endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination of all the major muscle groups. It is only when one correctly prepares these physical fitness skills can the body, mind, and spirit work harmoniously to engage true karate-do training.


Waza – they include vaious punches, blocks, stances, kicks, and strikes which are practiced initially singularly and then put into various combinations.


Kata – (Forms) are the heart and soul of Karate. A kata is the systematic use of defensive (bogyo) and offensive (kogeki) techniques used against several imaginary opponents. Even though the opponents are imaginary, the mind must be alert and alive. The visualization of the opponent is a real situation and is half the battle in the performance of kata.


Kumite – Perhaps the most dynamic part of karate training, kumite (sparring) is practised in controlled and safe, but realistic manner to correctly learn stepping and dodging, different stances and positions, and basic techniques of attack and defence with a partner.


Goshin (self-defense), Jiu-Jitsu, and Kobudo (weaponry) may also be incorporated into the class from time to time.

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